Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpenr


I’m pretty excited about my new, purple pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies!  I’ve seen this pencil sharpener touted as the “world’s best pencil sharpener” on pinterest, facebook, google, classroom sites and everywhere else for several years now.  To be honest, I doubted how this could be true.  After all, isn’t a pencil sharpener a pencil sharpener? And how can this compare to an electric sharpener???

The answer to that question is a definite no!  My electric pencil sharpener broke at the end of last year, and I needed to think about a replacement. Not to mention, I wanted something that would last longer than one year! SO I figured, i’d try out the pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies.  So, off to the website I went for more details.  I soon found myself watching youtube videos of the pencil sharpener, and I decided I HAD to have one.

The neat thing about this pencil sharpener is it comes with a clamp to clamp it down 🙂
Some more pros – IT isn’t loud! Students can sharpen a pencil and I can teach AT THE SAME TIME!!! It stops sharpening the pencil when it has the perfect point. AND there is a clear drawer for the shavings that let me or the students know I need to empty it.

The sharpener also has this front plate that slides open and clicks into position.

I have tried the sharpener with with multiple pencils and they all got the perfect point. I first tried Ticonderoga (and of course it was great). Then I went to a “cheaper” pencil and worked just as smooth!! I even used it to sharpen all of the plastic covered “it’s a boy” pencils for my baby shower!!!

The link for “how to use it” is right here



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