Interactive Notebooks: First week

First off…Sorry I’ve been gone so long!!!

So last year I got really involved with interactive notebooks. I was able to utilize some amazing blogs to help me get started and I have found myself using them this year too.  First one was Sarah’s Rubin’s Blog and the second is Mrs. Hester’s Blog and without those blogs, I don’t know what I would have done!!

Since I knew that all of my students wouldn’t have their notebooks on day 1, I told them I wanted them on Monday (We started school on a Thursday so that was plenty of time and not a lot of class time). I also knew that not every student would have their notebooks on Monday so I bought a bunch (73 to be exact) from Walmart when they were 17 cents to make sure I was prepared!! and I am glad I did because I gave out about 20. Luckily that then means I have plenty for next year 🙂

Anyways, On the first day with out notebooks, we created a table of contents and paper clipped four pages together (4 9 weeks) so they wouldn’t accidentally use a table of contents page. Then they started numbering!
I gave the students 5 minutes to number as many pages as possible. This was so exciting for them and many of them began to race each other.

Then, on page one, I used an idea I got from we did a Classroom Progive me 5cedures and Policies summary. This ended up being homework for most students, but they had to trace their hand and write down 5 things from the Policies and Procedures that was important to them! I stressed that these notebooks needed to be personalized and I wanted to establish this early. I had so many kids go like “UGHHH Homework” but then when the heard it they were excited to do it 🙂
(Idea came from Sarah Rubin and I am so glad I found it!!)


Would you believe that my 6th and 8th graders were excited about homework??? and they turned out so good, I wish I had pictures!!


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