My First PBL

Last week I started a PBL about functions, statistics and probability. The project is called What will They think and it has been a big huge headache!!!

Day 1 – we watched the Coca-Cola video and than looked at Jelly Belly’s website. We than discussed how their marketing was different what what would need to be considered when launching a new product. The students were SO EXCITED during this process. The students created the driving question of “How can we use research and data to find out what products people want?”  I was quite impressed with it!

From there, students were put into groups of 3-4 where they brainstormed product ideas and possible answer choices. We discussed viable answers (after defining viable) and what we would need to do to make sure our data was usable. This was kind of tricky because students wanted to do so many different things. Once each member came up with an idea, they did group critiques.

My day one was almost the same exact day 1 as Jessie Hester. I was thankful to have her blog as a guide for this PBL.

Day 2: The groups picked one survey question to finalize and use for their groups. Then the groups typed of their survey question and had to survey at least 10 people (This was where the headache came in). We than did some notes on correlation and statistics definitions.

Day 3 – two way table notes and practice

Day 4 – Most of my students DIDN’T HAVE any data which was so frustrating. SO, because of this I became frustrated and gave them another day to get survey results. Then we did some practice problems and what not.

Day 5-6 Scatter plot and two way table practice notes.

Day 7 – The students did simulations using a spinner at Math is Fun. This was good for them to gather the data. This is where I am right now with my PBL.
Today was stressful in the fact that so few students had data that when they were completing their tables, the data was skewed.

Tomorrow is Day 8. Students will be putting together their final projects. I will have pictures for my next post!



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