The Beginning

I am at the end of my third year of teaching and boy has it been interesting! During my first year of teaching, it was all about keeping my head above water.  Year two, you make notes about what went well, and make modifications to things that didn’t.  Then, year three…Everything was supposed to go super smooth!

I am currently teaching 8th grade math and I love it! We have a great math department and are able to ask each other for advice when needed.

My first and second year, I dabbled in Interactive notebooks. This year, I can safely say I am *doing* Interactive notebooks! I actually just got back from presenting about them at WVCTM and it was so much fun!! I had never given a presentation before and I think I did well. I also got to meet my HERO Dan Meyers!! Dan Meyers

I most definitely would not have been able to have such a fun time with my Interactive notebooks if it wasn’t for Mrs. Hester’s Blog. Jessie Hester has been a HUGE inspiration to me and was the beginning of Interactive notebooks for me.  I anticipated the content development would be time intensive, and knew I’d be putting in more hours at school with being a new teacher, but her blog has made it so much easier for me.

Soooo, when I was presenting at WVCTM, I was told that I should start a blog so I can help others as well. Thinking that it was my time to pay it forward, I hope that this blog can help someone as much as JessieSarah Hagan or Sarah has helped me!!


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